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Founded in 1994, CNCCC SICHUAN IMP/EXP CO., LTD. is known as high-quality chemical provider. We provide our customer withcost effective industrial solutions of better core technologies, easier availability and stronger technical support.
Our production facilities are equipped with product lines made out to our independent design optimized to bring the production consumption and influence to environment the lowest.  They are also equipped with the latest analytical instruments and techniques to assure every batch of our products is of consistent high quality.

We started comprehensive co-operation with Sichuan Hui Yi Chemical Co., Ltd. since 2007. Thanks to the association of two strong enterprises, the R&D capability, quality management and customer service of both companies have been pushed to a new stage. 

Sichuan Hui Yi Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, is the first, leading and professional producer of DTPA/ EDTA/ EDDHA/ PDTA products in China.

After the cooperation start, we scientifically organized the resources we had in hand and put great emphasis on team work. With joint efforts of Sichuan University, we established our research center on its campus, in order to optimize our production flow to reduce our costs, make purer products with no chemical residues and environmental friendly both to the region and to the plants.

Benefited from such technical advantages, we have developed our own synthesis route of IRON EDDHSA and become the first one to realize mass production it this product in China.

Our production capacity per month is 50 to 100 tons of chelated fertilizer, 50 tons of special functional chemicals, 50 tons of pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as 5 tons of plant extracts. We are proud to be the biggest exporter of EDDHA FE (chelates) in main-land China, according the China Custom Data of 2010.

Innovation is the origination of our development. A R&D center has been set up to research on brand new technology to change part of current chemical industry and upgrading technology for our products. A middle scale test base has been set up to adapt lab technology to industrial applicable ones. Favored by such research, we developed products with more scientific production flow, which results in better quality, lowest influence to health and environment, and lower costs. Halogen-free flame retardants, toxic-free plastic adhesives, customizable zeolite additives / templates are example which best explicated such policy.

We also attach great importance to cooperation and communication with other science research organizations. We cooperate with Chinese Academy of Science Chengdu Branch, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry and Sichuan University, and other innovative companies who focus on technological new findings.

Besides keeping our own high quality control level, we make sure our management meet ISO 9001:2000 standards, our products comply to GMP norms, and various international pharmacopeias and chemical industry control requirements as REACH and ROHS. Finished products are tested with various analytical methods, provided with a Certificate of Analysis, and samples of every batch are retained for traceability. Especially, our EDDHA FE fertilizer meets BS EN standard of EU, and pharmaceutical meet EP and USP standards.
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