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Detailed introduction:


CAS NO: 110-82-7

HS CODE:2902110000

Molecular formula:C6H12

Molecular weight: 84.16



A colorless and irritating liquid

Melting point (℃)

4-7 °C(lit.)

Boiling point ()

80.7 °C(lit.)

Relative density (water =1)

0.779 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Saturated vapor pressure 

168.8 mm Hg ( 37.7 °C)

Refractive index

n20/D 1.426(lit.)

Flash point

-1 °F

Storage conditions

Store at RT


1. Mainly used in the manufacture of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone. It is widely used as a solvent in the coating industry.

2. Used as a solvent and also for organic synthesis, extraction solvent and pigment diluent.

3. Used in the manufacture of caprolactam, adipic acid, hexamethylene diamine and cyclohexylamine, It also can be used as the raw material of nylon 6 and nylon 66

4. In analytical chemistry, molecular weight, solvents, steroid compound recrystallization, organic synthesis (cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone), and complexometric titration of copper, iron, silicon, aluminum, calcium and magnesium were analyzed.



Packing and transportation:

Sealed and cool storage, barreled or tanker transportation

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