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Methyl chloride
Detailed introduction:

Methyl Chloride (Chloromethane)

Also known as methyl chloride, is colorless and liquefiable gas that is stored in a cylinder by pressurized liquefaction.


CAS No: 74-87-3

HS Code: 2903110000

Molecular formula: CH3Cl

Molecular weight: 50.49



Colorless transparent liquid

Melting point ()


Boiling point (℃)


Relative density (water =1)

0.915 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Relative vapor density (air =1)


Saturated vapor pressure 

3796 mm Hg ( 20 °C)

Refractive index


Flash poin

<-30 °F

Storage conditions



1.For the production of methyl chlorosilane, four methyl lead, methyl cellulose, a small amount for the production of quaternary ammonium compounds, pesticides, used as a solvent in the production of butyl rubber.

2.The important raw materials for organic synthesis. Mainly used in the production of organosilicon compounds - methyl chlorosilane, and methyl cellulose. It is also widely used as solvent, extractor, propellant, refrigerant, local anesthetic and methylation reagents for the production of pesticides, medicines, spices and so on.

3.Mainly used in silicone material, also used as solvents, refrigerants, spices etc.


Packing and transportation: 

Sealed and cool storage, barreled or tanker transportation

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